Tuesday 15 May 5:30pm

The trekkers have survived their first test but that doesn't mean it was easy. There was plenty of sweat, sun and exhaustion in todays first taste for the relentless gradient that the Owen Stanley ranges has to offer! A long day today with an early wake up call for a 6am flight and then straight into a 3 hour truck ride, destination Kokoda and after finally arriving they headed to Kokoda village to the meet the local villagers and they were introduced to their local porters and support staff.

After inspecting the remarkable Kokoda museum, monuments and memorials the hiking started and that first hill got a few by surprise. It was a hot day (high 30's) and the group are relieved to have the first day over with and the trek that they have been preparing for is finally underway.

No falls today but a few sore feet and some tired legs as the crew arrived into Deniki campsite for there first night on the track and enjoying the spectacular views over the Kokoda valley. They are now having a refreshing wash and soon to be served a nice hot dinner of vegetable teriyaki and crumbed chicken. 




Dale Scarfe