Tuesday 10 July 5pm

A long day today with an early wake up call for a 6am flight and then straight into a 3 hour truck ride to Kokoda.  After finally arriving at Kokoda village they were introduced to their local porters and support staff  who will be with them for the next 8 days.

They spent some time inspecting the remarkable Kokoda museum, monuments and memorials before the hiking started and that first hill got a few by surprise. Luckily the weather was perfect for trekking and a little overcast, the track in great condition and the cloud cover provided a wellcomed shade from the sun, although there is a light shower at the moment.

There were a few nerves for most of the day especially half way up the hill into Deniki however, the crew are now enjoying the spectacular views over the Kokoda valley and having a refreshing shower before dinner.  

Spirits are high for the first day on the track.


Hi Mum & Dad, I'm going well however I certainly didn't think think it would be this hard and its only day one. - Lauren



Deniki 1.jpg
Dale Scarfe