Wednesday 16 May 2:30pm

After spending the first night on the track the crew were woken up at 5am for breakfast before heading off at first light 6am. They trekked out of the village and through the choko vines towards Isurava village where they had morning tea. They throughly enjoyed there second day thanks to some amazing weather. They then trekked onto Isurava battle site where they held a moving service at the memorial and paid their respects to our fallen soldiers and returned heroes. They gathered and listened to some stories and podcasts of those who made the incredible and ultimate sacrifice such men as Corporal John Metson, Charlie McCallum and Bruce Kingsbury to name just a few. All agreed that the Isurava memorial has been the highlight of the trek so far. Emotions and pride came to surface as they paid their respects to the fallen soldiers involved in the fierce battler that took place here. 

The group then trekked the short distance to Cons rock which was another memorable moment. To be standing over what was once used as an operating table to save and try and save the lives of many Australian diggers.

The group has had the first two falls for the trek with Jason and Rodger taking falls. 

It was a nice early finish arriving into camp by 2:30, which is evident the trekkers are becoming less nervous about the days to come and more excited about what Kokoda has got offer. 



Dear Nat, Layla & Fletch, Dad misses you all & wishes you could be here with him - Love Jason

To Em, Finn & LT, Having a great time and missing you all - Love Bill xoxo

SOS - No amount of training can prepare you for this!! - Deb



Dale Scarfe