Wednesday 11 July

After a 5am call for breakfast the group headed off at first light 6am. There was heavy rain overnight making the track a bit slippery. The morning started trekking to Isurava village where they had morning tea and then onto Isurava battle site where they held a moving service at the memorial and paid their respects to our fallen soldiers and returned heroes. The last post was played as they gathered and listened to stories and podcasts of those who made the incredible and ultimate sacrifice such men as Corporal John Metson, Charlie McCallum and Bruce Kingsbury to name a few.

The group handed to some gifts to excited local kids and enjoyed lunch here. The rain came down constantly at this point and continued during the short but tough trek to Cons rock which was another memorable and emotional moment. Then a slightly easier trek into Alola village for night two campsite on the track.

The rain continued right through to their arrival into camp.

Michael S and Michael T both had falls (nothing serious).


Lyle, Eric and Lewis - say hi to mum

Nyssa -Day 2 of the trek and doing fine. Hello Matilda and Lewis. Mummy loves you.



Dale Scarfe