Friday 17 May

The first 5am wake call for the trek before for breakfast and then packs on and the first battlecry at 6am as the trekkers headed off.

Clear skies and another dry day as the group trekked up through the Choko Vines towards Isurava Village for morning tea and then onto Isurava battle site the site one of the worst battles of the campaign. It was here at Isurava that Australia’s first Victoria Cross was won on Australian territory by the courageous “Bruce Kingsbury” who personified the words of the four pillars “Courage - Endurance - Mateship - Sacrifice”. The trekkers held a service listening to the last post here and paying their respects to all soldiers that fought and died here.

It really got hot as they came in for lunch at the monument and but the heat was felt by a few of them when they had to get back on their feet. They headed onto “Cons Rock” to hear more incredible stories of the campaign such as Dr Von Con, Butch Bisset and war time journalist Osmar White.

Then they trekked along down and onto Alola Village for night two on the track where they have finished early and enjoying a game of cards and some popcorn. There is a birthday on the track tonight so there will be a cake to enjoy after dinner as well!.


Hi Claire Bear - from Steve

Dale Scarfe