Friday 16 August

After their first night spent on the track the trekkers were up early at 5am for breakfast before the day of trekking started at 6am. As the day broke they trekked off through the Owen Stanley’s though the choke vines on their way to the village of Isurava where they had morning tea and spent some time with the kids.

Then they hiked for 45 minutes to Isurava battle site, where they held a moving service and paid their respects to our returned and fallen soldiers here. They listened to some stories and podcasts of those who made the incredible and ultimate sacrifice, such men as Corporal John Metson, Charlie McCallum and Bruce Kingsbury. 

They had lunch here and then trekked the short but tough hike onto the "Surgeons Stone", and listened to some more moving stories of Thomas "Butch Bisset" and his brother Stan.  

The track and weather were great again today, however a heavy rain settled in around 2:30pm for half an hour, this has since cleared up and the sun is shining again. The trekkers all made it safely into camp shortly after at 2:45pm. Everyone is in great spirits after their first full day on the track and are now enjoying the magnificent views down the valley at Alola, and resting up for another big day tomorrow.

Dale Scarfe