Thursday 17 May 3:45pm

A long day of trekking today and after leaving the guest house the crew trekked the short walk through Alola village and down to the bottom of the valley, across the log bridge and up and along to Eora Creek Village for morning tea by the creek. A steep climb after morning tea for 30 minutes, before visiting an Australian ammunition dump with hundred's grenades. A long patch of trekking  for 2 1/2 hours after this to Templeton's II for lunch.

It was a long, wet and muddy hike with plenty of falls due to last nights constant rain. But even a few slips and slides couldn't slow this incredible group down! It was a great start to the day waking up to discover that the night skies had actually cleared up revealing a surreal view of the stars. The trekkers were shocked and amazed to see some ammunition left behind from the war 75 years ago at the battle of Eora creek by both the Japanese and Australian armies. 

There were mast up's and down's but the crew are confident they can tackle just about anything after the hard slog today! And what a better way to finish than with an invigorating but freezing cold swim. 

Tonight  the crew are camping at Templeton's I - named in honour of Captain Sam Templeton revered by his men who lost his life fighting the Japanese north of Kokoda. A few are tired but excited to be staying at such a picturesque camp spot. 

Dale Scarfe