Thursday 12 June 4:30pm

A constant rain all night made the longest day on the track so far even tougher. After leaving Alola the trekkers hiked down to the bottom of the valley, across the log bridge and up and along and down and up and down to the site of a Japanese ammunition dump where they stopped for some history and then onto Eora Creek Village for morning tea by the creek. A steep climb after morning tea for 30 minutes, before visiting an Australian ammunition dump containing mortars and grenades. Seeing the ammunition dumps perked the trekkers up which was fortunate as they then a long 2 1/2 hour hike after this to reach Templeton's II for a well earned lunch. Luckily the weather improved however, the previous rain made the track muddy and slippery resulting in 5 trekkers to take a fall. (Only hurt pride though and no injuries)

A hot lunch was welcomed and needed for what was coming after lunch. Another tough up with some pretty steep but luckily short climbs to the top of the turntable were they stopped for a rest, then a relatively short 30 minute trek down into camp on the water.

Tonight  the crew are camping at Templeton's I - named in honour of Captain Sam Templeton revered by his men who lost his life fighting the Japanese north of Kokoda. The legs are tired but everyone in good goodspirits!

Dale Scarfe