Saturday 18 May

An overcast day with some light rain which made for a muddy and slippery track.

The group started with a short 15 minutes trek out of camp, through the village of Alola and down to the bottom of the creek with spectacular views along the way. Across the creek then a short but steep climb up to a rest break before another few hours trekking to a Japanese ammunition dump to see some war relics. Then onto Eora Creek Village for morning tea and after this a hard trek for 30 minutes to an Australian ammunition dump containing live wartime grenades and mortars.

Following this tough morning, it was back onto the main track for 2.5 hours with a few breaks to Templeton's Crossing for a well learnt hot lunch and rest by the creek, before a tough afternoon of trekking. After lunch a gruelling hill climb for 30 minutes then another hour of trekking before a short rest and an easy 30 minutes down into camp for night 3. It’s been the toughest day so far but the group is doing well and are now braving the icy cold waters for a quick but refreshing dip before dinner.


Hi Maddie - from Daddy, going well

Kath and Liz smashing it. Incredible experience and challenging. Love to all at home.

Brooke, Linc and Mia - hope you had a great day at soccer and netball. Love you.

Dale Scarfe