Friday 18 May 5pm

It was all uphill to begin this morning. The crew took big steps climbing through the mud and tree roots until they eventually hit some even ground whilst looking over the vast Kokoda gap. It wasn't long after they reached the highest point of the track Mt Bellamy. There was a massive sense of achievement among the group knowing that they had tackled the tallest mountain on the track 2190 meters! 

They then trekked on through the jungle to the spectacular beholds of there beautiful Myola and none were ready to leave this significant war site in a hurry. They then trekked down to Bombers camp for an early lunch and got to see the wreckage of an American bomber plane that crashed during the Pacific campaign. Then they got to sit down for a hot meal cooked by there porters and a chance to dry out some clothes from yesterday. After a good rest and a belly full of food the trekkers were ready for the long descent into camp - by this time the rain had just started to settle in and continued to do so as they emerged from underneath the canopy - causing many slips, slides and a few muddy bottoms! The crew received a lovely warm welcome from the villagers of Kagi as they entered camp for the night, lifting the spirits of all the trekkers. What a great way to reach the halfway point. 



Dale Scarfe