Friday 13 July 3:30pm

A tough start to the day this morning and after the trekkers left Templeton's Crossing they for trekked 15 minutes before they hit a solid up. This was made a little tougher by the persistent overnight rain making the track very slippery and added Lewis and Craig to the falls tally. Then another 20 minutes onto the highest point of the track Mt Bellamy for a short break and even time for a group photo. 

They then trekked on through the jungle to the spectacular "Wow" moment as they reached the top and the site of the biscuit bombing Myola. A break here and then they trekked down to Bombers camp where they got to see the wreckage of an American bomber plane that crashed during the Pacific campaign. 

The weather cleared as the group made there way into Kagi and reports have it that the track is in better condition for the next few days. (A welcome releif)

The crew received a lovely warm welcome from the villagers of Kagi as they entered camp for the night, lifting the spirits of all the trekkers.


Hi Kez and all we are all good and having a great time . - Love Matt & Steph



Dale Scarfe