About Australian Kokoda Tours

Australian Kokoda Tours is a family owned business, having run treks over Kokoda sine 2006.

Australian Kokoda Tours, only treks Kokoda therefore all our attention and energy are focussed on your trek. We take pride in our treks and our record, both on and off the track and only stay in the quality, safe 5 star Airways hotel with 24 hour security facilities. Safety is our priority, therefore Australian Kokoda Tours only run Australian Guided Treks.

We have run treks for VFL & AFL clubs, AFL umpires, sporting clubs, schools and instil teamwork and leadership into the group, assisting you to form a bond amongst your fellow trekkers. We introduce some fun and entertainment along your journey, which creates a relaxed environment. 

We guarantee after finishing your journey with Australian Kokoda Tours you will feel a fabulous sense of self achievement and the Kokoda track will have changed your life.

Australian Kokoda Tours employees guides off the Kokoda track, mainly from the village and surrounding villages of Kagi and have first class knowledge of the track and all speak English. Employing and training local PNG guides is something we feel and are very proud of. We are both an Australian and PNG registered company and operate and abide by the laws and of both countries. 

We pay above the minimum wage set by the Kokoda Track Authority and our guides are paid varying wages depending on their responsibilities and this empowers them to advance their skills sets. All our guides are paid a travel allowance and our Porters carry less than the allowed weight set by the Kokoda Track authority and less than the International Porters code. Our Porters commence our treks with 20kgs reducing daily and their packs are weighed every second day. We have a strict policy of not allowing either our trekkers, porters or guides to walk at night.

All of our guides attend our celebration dinner at the Hilton Hotel on the completion of our treks and Australian Kokoda Tours sponsors and supports numerous charities both directly and indirectly raising not only funds but awareness for their causes. We have also setup and purchased solar powered lights, solar powered coolers, chainsaws, lawn mowers, clothing, medical kits, paid for school and university fees and much, much more… to help improve their income and livelihoods.

We believe in empowering the local landowners and villagers and in partnership with them we have constructed trekker guest houses, porter guest houses, cooking facilities and toilets in each village we camp in. We also ensure we pay camp site fees for each of our trekkers and porters in these villages. This ensures we have camping facilities on every trek and allows the villagers to rent out the guest houses when we are not trekking, allowing them to increase and improve their income.  

Our PNG Guides and porters all go through training treks which includes track first aid at the start of every trekking season. We provide all our porters with first aid when required and we also carry a fully equipped wilderness aid first aid kit and Automated External Defibrillator on every trek, includinga river crossing team including river rescue ropes. 

All of our treks have trained cooks and hygiene porters that will prepare and cook your food and also wash and clean eating utensils, including bowls and plates each day and under no circumstances do we use ration packs or dehydrated food. We will also cater for specific dietary requirements.

Our Point of Difference:

  • All Australian guides are Remote Wilderness First Aid Accredited

  • Safety is our priority, therefore Australian Kokoda Tours only run Australian Guided Treks

  • Luxury Accommodation at the Port Moresby’s newest & exclusive ***** 5 star Hilton Hotel

  • All meals are incorporated, including meals at the hotel (excluding Ex Port Moresby Package)

  • Trekkers will receive freshly prepared meals (no ration packs). Breakfast includes cereals, tea & coffee, lunch includes spring rolls & noodles, & dinners include curries and vegetarian pastas. 8 days of nutritious snacks are also provided

  • All site fees are incorporated in your trek

  • We provide backpacks for you to use on the track which you will be responsible for returning to us after you finish your trek

  • Cleaning of all backpacks and boots upon completion is included

  • We carry a fully equipped automated external defibrillator

  • Satellite phone for emergencies (we also contact our office in Australia each day)

  • We provide daily website and Facebook updates

  • We provide a comprehensive 8-week training program specific for Kokoda

  • We provide walking poles to use on the track which you will return to us after you finish Kokoda

  • We provide 100% biodegradable body wash

  • We provide a wilderness first aid kit

  • We have payment plans and options to assist you with payment of your trip

  • We have a 99% success rate for all our participants

  • You receive extensive historical information about the Kokoda campaign

  • You receive a comprehensive Kokoda pack including a nutritious snack pack for your journey

  • No trekker will be required to provide or carry any utensils, food, tents (apart from snack-pack issued prior to the trek)

  • No trekker will be required cook any food or clean any utensils

  • You will receive 8 days’ electrolyte replacement capsules

  • We provide water purification steripens (one between 2 trekkers)

  • You will receive an official track t-shirt for your trek

  • You will receive a certificate of achievement

  • You will receive a copy of the official track permit

  • You will receive a fully edited professional video of your Kokoda experience

  • 2-way radio communication throughout trek leaders on the track

  • VHF back to AKT & Kokoda track Authority base in Port Moresby

  • Trekkers will be escorted from the Kokoda finish line to the Hilton Hotel

Kokoda Tour Operators Association

We are a proud founding member of the The Kokoda Tour Operators Association (KTOA)  an association set up by 12 Licensed Tour Operators representing over 75% of the market in 2015. 

Collectively we are the voice of the industry ensuring that those that trek with a member of the group are safe and are given professional service and a great experience. 

Unless your tour operator is a member of the KTOA, you are risking yourself on the Track. To be members we must have full Public Liability Insurance, all Guides must be first aid qualified and all safety equipment such as Satellite Phones must be carried and operational.


Safety is Australian Kokoda Tours number one priority! 

We have been leading trekkers across Kokoda since 2006, a responsibility which we take extremely seriously. We only run Australian led tours and we have a team of highly professional & experienced guides and they are all skilled in the wartime history, knowledgeable and passionate about the history of the Kokoda Campaign. They have detailed knowledge of the tactics used by both the Japanese and the Australian forces and they also know the personal stories of many who fought and died along the Track. They are all, Remote Wilderness First Aid Accredited, have a detailed understanding of the procedures for conducting emergency evacuations and a strong bond with the New Guinea people along the trail. We are a company that only runs treks across Kokoda therefore 100% of our time and effort is dedicated to your Kokoda trek. 

Since the 2009 plane crash Australian Kokoda Tours has not and will not fly into Kokoda on twin otter aircrafts. We instead choose to fly to Popondetta on a Boing Aircraft which is much bigger and requires a sealed tarmac to land (which Popondetta has) instead of a grass runway surrounded by mountains in Kokoda. We have spoken to many pilots who also state that flying into Popondetta is a much safer option.

We have extensive risk management protocols and all our treks carry satellite phones which we contact our base in Australia Every night and update our website and Facebook pages. All our treks carry track radios in which we can contact our base and authorities in Port Moresby. 

General & Public Liability Insurance

Australian Kokoda Tours maintains public liability insurance with Australian Licensed, APRA approved insurer. You are most welcome to ask for details or a copy of our certificate. 

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