Australian Kokoda Tours trekker spotlight: Karly Grundy

A real highlight for us and our Australian Kokoda Tours team is seeing our trekkers training, preparing, and getting excited about their Kokoda journey. It’s also extremely rewarding for us to receive heart-warming testimonials from our past trekkers, and it’s great to see so many people sharing their Kokoda memories with us via our online community.

June 2019 trekker Karly Grundy took this to the next level by documenting her Kokoda preparation and trek via her Instagram account, @karlydoeskokoda.

 Karly started the account back in June 2018, a whole year before her Kokoda trek to document her Kokoda training progress, meal prep, equipment, and of course, her Kokoda count down.


After her trek, Karly shared this post:

Karly Does Kokoda end of trek

“On Thursday, the day of my 29th birthday, I completed my biggest and toughest challenge yet of tackling the Kokoda Track with a 14kg pack on my back. It was the hardest thing I have ever done but I also loved every moment and can’t believe it is already over.

 I have never been so proud of myself and of what I can achieve when I put my mind to it. I am also so humbled to get to walk in the footsteps of all of the hard-working soldiers who fought to allow us to have the life that we have now.



Karly also shared a post about her amazing Australian Kokoda Tours porter Glen, who was a helping hand throughout her journey.

Karly Does Kokoda Porter Glen

“Meet Glen! This legend was always there to hold my hand to get me up and down all of those hills. I even managed to convince him to piggy back me across the river so I didn’t have to get my shoes wet.

All of the guides that Australian Kokoda Tours have are so lovely and will do anything to help you get though the experience. They make it look so easy, literally running through the jungle in bare feet and thongs but they are super helpful to all of us that struggle with the terrain.”

Thanks Karly for sharing your Kokoda journey with us! Follow Karly’s Kokoda Instagram @karlydoeskokoda to see more of her Australian Kokoda Tours adventure.

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